About Graff Dogs®

Graff Dogs® is a registered Trade Mark, founded in 2014. We produce Dog Collars, Leashes and different accessories for dogs. All Products are handcrafted. We use the highest quality components made in the EU and the USA. Our collars receive rigorous testing by the Graff Dogs®  Team!

Collar graphics are made in our graphics studio by our Designer Agatka who carefully protects their copyright . We are constantly working on new color combinations of our collars and leashes.  Our products are unique and really COOL. You can found dogs wearing our accessories not only in Slovakia, but also in Los Angeles and New York.

All the pictures on our website are protected by the law, so thank you for not copying them!

If you would like to stay in touch with us, sed us an e-mail: info@graffdogs.com

Company director and Top Dog

Graff Dogs® Team

PhD. Marwyn
PhD. MarwynSomebody needs to be the Boss.
Company director
MBA Falco
MBA FalcoControling
He has everything under Control.
AgátkaProduct Design
The creative Graff Dogs® Team unit.
Sir Henry
Sir HenryMarketing
He knows everything, he sees everything, he was everywhere.
Senor Papi Pedro
Senor Papi PedroEnd product testing
He can destroy everything, The perfect Man for final Product testing.
MiguelCustomer care
The youngest Graff Dogs® Team Member.